Registration and login

How do I create an account?

To create an account, simply click here (webapp link) or download the Yoomaneo application from Google Play or the App Store. After having entered your email address, created your password and selected your communities, you will receive a validation code to confirm your registration.

What information do I need to create my account?

The minimum information to create your account is a username, an email address and a password. Thereafter, if you wish to take advantage of your reward points, you will be asked to enter your last name, first name, gender, date of birth, country and city.

What if I have a problem with registration or login?

If you encounter any problems during the registration or during the login phase, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at help@yoomaneo.com

Participation in projects

How long does an average project last?

A project lasts on average two weeks during which you will be invited to participate periodically on about 8 specific questions. Your involvement in a project depends on its magnitude and on your motivation. To simplify, we ensure that your participation never exceeds 10 minutes per question, for a maximum of 80 minutes per project.

How to participate in a project?

On some projects, simply click on "Register" and wait until the first question opens to participate. On others, access to the project is conditioned by an eligibility form (a few quick questions). This allows to check if the project is really relevant to your profile.

What happens when a project ends?

When a project ends, reward points are distributed among the participating members. These points are distributed according to an algoorithm that takes into account your attendance and the relevance of your answers. On some projects, you will also have the opportunity to access a summary of the results, as it is sometimes very rewarding to see how your contributions help designers.

Participation in discussions

How do I create a new discussion topic?

To create a new discussion topic, simply go to the "My Topics" section of the "My Discussions" tab. By choosing the right community, give a short title and describe the content of the question in the comment section. It is also possible to illustrate your topic with an image (jpeg, png) or PDF document.

How to participate in an existing discussion topic?

To participate in an existing discussion topic, simply go to the "Others" section of the "My Discussions" tab. By clicking on one of the ongoing discussions, it will be possible to reply and comment. Once you have participated in a discussion topic, you can find it in the "Participations" section of the "My discussions" tab.

Who decides whether to post a discussion online?

Each community has one or more facilitators whose role is to ensure the quality of the content. These facilitators can take actions in many ways: they can propose discussion topics, participate on the same basis as community members, and have moderation rights in case of inappropriate content. By accumulating experience points, you will be able to claim the role of community facilitator.

Dashboard, earnings and rewards

What do the indicators in my dashboard mean?

Your dashboard gives you access to two main indicators.
The accumulated bonuses correspond to the reward points you have accumulated since your arrival on yoomaneo. These points are calculated on the basis of your attendance and your relevance to the projects.
The level of experience corresponds to your rank as a yoomaneo member. To accumulate experience points, it is important to take part in projects but also in discussions.

What are the experience points used for?

Experience points allow you to raise your level as a yoomaneo community member. You start at the level 1 and can one day climb up to level 7. Some levels allow you to acquire some privileges. We let you discover them as you go along.

What are the reward points used for?

Reward points give you the opportunity to convert your contribution into real money (200 points = 20€).

How is the money transferred to my account?

Each time you accumulate 200 reward points, you will receive a €20 transfer to your PayPal account. Therefore, we invite you to create a PayPal account to get your rewards.

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